A short introduction: Rob van den Boom

05 Aug 2019 By Rob van den Boom

Who are you?

My name is Rob van den Boom. I am 22 years old and my position is Software Engineer at Cesbit. I studied computer science at Avans Hogeschool in ‘s Hertogenbosch. During this study I was, just like now, mainly involved in software development.

Why did you choose Cesbit?

There are actually several reasons for this. I did my graduation internship at Cesbit. One of the reasons that I wanted to graduate here was that I had the opportunity to work on a very exciting graduation assignment. After I had successfully completed this graduation assignment, I may continue to work on this as an employee to develop it into a fully-fledged customer-oriented product.

In addition, Cesbit came across as a very open and accessible organization, where you quickly feel at ease. I still have this impression.

What expertise do you bring?

In addition to the (technical) knowledge gained during my education, I also bring something that not everyone in my field has experience or knowledge of. By this I mean primarily the commercial part of an organization. Before I started studying computer science, I studied International Business and Marketing Studies (IBMS) at Fontys Hogescholen in Eindhoven. Here I learned a lot about what makes an organization / product / service successful and how to empathize professionally with the customer/entrepreneur. I certainly try to apply this knowledge during my daily work.

What do you notice during the first period at Cesbit?

The freedom to develop yourself within your profession. From the start of my internship, my own input was valued, so that I can develop in the areas where my interests lie. Naturally, the objectives of the organization are also taken into account when making these kinds of choices, but creativity and independence are certainly highly valued.

I also notice the large amount of knowledge they have within our organization and the drive to gather even more. For example, a weekly hackathon is organized to discuss new techniques/products/etc. and this is just one of the ways they use to acquire this knowledge.

Where does your ambition lie in the coming years?

First of all, my goal is to become an expert in the field of software development in the coming years. Especially in the field of front-end development, so that I can provide customers with even better and user-friendly software.

In addition, I also hope to develop as much professionally as possible, so that I can do my work even more effectively.