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Time series data analysis platform


About the product

Enodo is a time series data analysis platform made for SiriDB. Combining the power of storing and querying time series data from SiriDB and the analyzing power of Enodo, we can create better understanding of the data that we collect and store. So we can learn from the past and create forecasts for the future.

Enodo's amazing features

  • Get real-time analysis of incoming data to ensure you're notified when an anomaly is detected or to ensure nothing bad happens in the near future by checking forecasts on your data. SiriDB Enodo is the platform to extract all the information you want from your time series data.
  • To stay on top of this information, SiriDB Enodo can connect to your favorite communication platforms or even to your own custom system through its webhook integration.

GUI/Management tool

Using the available client, you can manage your Enodo deployment and configuration with ease:

  • Gain visual insight into the results of your analyzed time series.
  • Keep track of the load your Enodo workers are dealing with.

Open Source

The SiriDB Enodo platform is completely open source, which harnesses the power of the open source community and also provides transparency in how Enodo handles your data.

Get started

To get started with Enodo, see this page for more information about how Enodo works, where you can download the open source code and where you can find installation instructions.

Advice and consultancy

We are happy to support you if you have any questions about the use of Enodo in relation to hosting, support or consultancy. We also support integration and custom development of modules for Enodo.

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