New location @ Schoutlaan, Weert

12 Apr 2022 By Rik Lempens


We at Cesbit are proud to announce that we have found a new office for our company! From now on we are located at: Schoutlaan 17 in Weert.


Some of you may find this location familiar or even recognize it as the former “IBM office”. That’s right!

After IBM has provided services here for years, some of the IBM vibe still lingers around the office. But don’t worry, we will remain a down-to-earth Dutch company. 😉

Our vision

By establishing ourselves in the “Port of Limburg”, a very central location close to the Brainport Region Eindhoven and the city of Venlo, we first of all hope to be able to deliver our services and products effectively to organizations in, among others, the Eindhoven region and central/northern Limburg. We will of course also continue to serve customers outside those regions.

In addition, with this new location we offer a home base to our great team. After working remotely for almost 2 years, we noticed that it was time to get back together physically on a structural basis. We already delivered great software solutions, but when we are together, really crazy (open source) solutions are created! 😜

No more remote working?

Certainly not! While the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to work from home for an extended period of time, reminding us that working on location certainly has its advantages, we also learned that remote working can be very successful!

Remote working has a lot of advantages, such as: less travel time and therefore more time for customer-related work, higher performance and more flexibility.

That is why we opted for a hybrid approach. For example, everyone works from home for a few days and from the office for a few days. To combine the best of both worlds!


In conclusion, we can say that we are very happy with our new location! And we hope that we will be able to develop many more great solutions here with great pleasure. Are you curious about our new location or what we do? Then come and have a cup of coffee! For this, please call +31 85 876 8733 or mail to