Oversight - A new Look & Feel

21 Dec 2021 By Rob van den Boom

Today, December 21, is the darkest day of the year. Fortunately, we’re here to shed some light. 😉

Starting today, we’re launching the new Oversight design. It’s a complete overhaul, packed with improvements. The most important improvements are briefly described below:

Dark/Light mode

The most noticeable new feature is the “Dark/Light mode”. Previously there was only dark mode and while this was fine for the part of the users who also prefer it, the other group was a bit left behind in this. That is why we now come to their aid with light, which is especially important at this dark time of the year.

Oversight - Light mode Oversight - Light mode

New dashboard

Another big change is the newly added dashboard. This dashboard replaces the Home screen, which was previously the “Environments” page (which still exists). The new dashboard shows at a glance the status of all environments that the user is a member of. This way the user does not have to manually check every environment. The user can also quickly navigate to all kinds of important overviews from this dashboard. The new dashboard is therefore really the starting point for monitoring all your environments!

Oversight - Light mode

Improved navigation

We noticed that users couldn’t easily get to their desired destination in Oversight. That is why we have greatly improved the navigation in the application. This allows users to better see which route they have taken and which routes are available, so that they don’t miss out on anything.

Starring Views & Environments

From now on, users can “star” their favorite Views and Environments so that they can quickly find them again. Users can also star Views from other users. This has to do with the fact that it is now possible to share Views with other users, as long as they have the appropriate permissions.

Improved “Closed” alerts page

Previously, there was a separate page for “Closed” alerts and a “Search” page to search for closed alerts based on a time range. It was strange to have two different pages for closed alerts and this caused confusion for users. It was also not clear that the “Search” page was only showing closed alerts. We have therefore chosen to merge these two pages into one and it is called “Closed”. Here, users see the most recent closed alerts by default and users can optionally choose to filter by search terms and time range.

Improved “Statistics” page

The statistics page has also been updated. Previously, it was not clear in terms of time/duration, which data was shown on this page. That is why we have now made it possible for users to determine themselves over which period data is shown and we have chosen to improve the graphs in terms of naming, among other things.

Added “Tasks” page

A new page that has been added to Environments, is the “Tasks” page. On this page, admin users can see which tasks are scheduled for the current environment. This is a big improvement, because previously it was only possible for a user to see which tasks they had scheduled themselves, not the tasks that were scheduled by other users.

Overall styling

In addition to the improvements just mentioned, we’ve also tweaked the overall styling of Oversight. While there are too many changes to briefly list, some things to consider include: new components, new color schemes, new fonts, new icons and new illustrations.

Final thoughts

While we love to write about all the new changes and improvements, we’re even more excited to hear about how you as a user experience Oversight’s new look & feel. Go to https://oversig.ht now and discover the new interface for yourself! Do you think there are still things that can be improved? Let us know by emailing support@oversig.ht.