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About the product

We can all remember a moment when someone was "paged" who was standing by for work. The possibilities to be paged are a lot more varied nowadays, however a watertight system is important. DutyCalls is a solution that responds well to the need to receive and process notifications in a simple but well thought-out manner and is above all very flexible.

What is DutyCalls? And how does it work?

DutyCalls is a cloud platform where notifications from various sources come together and are then processed automatically. A source can be, for example, an IT infrastructure monitoring system to which DutyCalls is linked, but also an administrator who manually sends a notification. A notification belongs to a "channel" for which one or more users are registered.

Users are only linked to channels from which they should receive notifications, so they are not flooded with irrelevant notifications. Once a notification has been picked up, it will no longer be visible to the remaining members of the channel. This prevents multiple people from picking up the same notification. In a kind of log it is possible to see the notifications and who has picked them up.

For which organizations can DutyCalls be used?

We can link all systems that can deliver information automatically to DutyCalls via a simple API. This makes the solution particularly versatile in various sectors. The solution can therefore also be used for important messages in a production process for which users need to be informed quickly and easily. The solution ensures that the right people, with the right notification, are approached in the right way and at the right time. We challenge organizations to think for themselves about the possibilities of DutyCalls within the existing business processes.

How can DutyCalls be purchased?

DutyCalls can be purchased at a price per month per user. Administrators can openly scale users themselves via the web app. Monthly costs of DutyCalls do not include any costs incurred for the telephone calls or SMS services. Cesbit can provide support in configuring DutyCalls when required. The amount of work depends on the number of different notifications, channels and users.

More information

Go the to the DutyCalls website for more information about the product.

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