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Monitoring Software


About the product

Every server, every system creates data. Our advanced monitoring services are the start of Data Driven Management, in which we capture, analyze and translate real-time data into clear dashboards and optimization.


We use InfraSonar to monitor servers and system performance. This software, developed in-house, offers advanced, hardware-independent options for securing, monitoring and analyzing your data. InfraSonar has been developed on the basis of an existing open source framework, developed and optimized by the developers of Cesbit. This enables us to continuously respond to infrastructural innovations and improved insights.

From this you get a precise overview of the performance of your systems and based on reports, it can be made clear how you can reduce the costs for management and maintenance. InfraSonar provides the insights that are needed to find out how your organization, as measured by technology, can work as efficiently as possible. Risks and opportunities can be determined based on the insights that become clear as soon as InfraSonar processes the data.

A number of features of InfraSonar are:

  • Analyzing trends to make smart use of the opportunities that arise.
  • Automatically identify problems before they show themselves.
  • Lower management and maintenance costs.
  • Immediate insight into data via a personal dashboard.

More and more organizations are outsourcing the monitoring process in which clear performance indicators are monitored and controlled.

Future-proof solution

All current and new components are supported, allowing you to offer a future-proof solution. InfraSonar monitors all relevant IT components in the entire chain of your IT infrastructure, so that problems are detected in time. This proactive management minimizes the risk of IT failure. InfraSonar also offers capacity management in the form of detailed reports about your IT infrastructure, from network to application, to signal trends and to steer future developments. Pattern-based thresholds determine if there are deviations from previous situations and with application response monitoring, you measure performance with simulated users.


InfraSonar can easily be added to your IT infrastructure and respects the duties and responsibilities of your own employees. In addition, our framework supports the components and equipment of the manufacturers that you use. With a personalized dashboard you have access to all information.

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