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Time Series Database


About the product

Our time series database, SiriDB, developed by our own specialists for lightning-fast storage and accessing large amounts of cloud and Internet of Things data.

High scalability

SiriDB is an open source time series database that has been developed for the purpose of scaling up super-fast, on-the-fly. The database has a robust cluster mechanism that offers the possibility to update and maintain the database while you are online. SiriDB is immediately scalable and has no downtime while updating or expanding your database. Thanks to the scalable possibilities you can enlarge the database time and again without losing speed. We make optimal use of all available resources, because we distribute your time series data across all pools.

Designed for cloud and IoT application

With the rise of the cloud and Internet of Things, the need for being able to scale and unlock large data series is growing rapidly.

SiriDB is fast because it uses a unique algorithm to store its time series data without using large indexes. This algorithm allows the custom query language to distribute queries across all pools, making data retrieval incredibly fast.

Get started with SiriDB

Read here in detail how SiriDB works, where you can download the open source code and where you can find installation instructions.

Advice and consultancy

We are happy to support you if you have any questions about the use of SiriDB in relation to hosting, support or consultancy. We also support integration and custom development of add-ons for SiriDB.

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