SiriDB - Complete makeover

22 Mar 2022 By Rob van den Boom

It’s spring, the sun is shining, nature is in bloom and SiriDB has a completely new look! That’s because we’ve given our time series solution SiriDB a makeover. For instance, the website has been completely renewed! It has a new look, more content and is prepared for the upcoming years.

Why has the website changed?

We (the developers and maintainers of SiriDB) noticed that we could not properly achieve our goal with the current website. That, of course, is promoting our great time series database and providing a central point where developers can find all the necessary information about SiriDB.

What’s new?

A new look! The old website was quite outdated and could no longer meet today’s expectations. We therefore felt that SiriDB deserves a website that meets the same high standards as the solution itself. We have also restyled the logo and the documentation.

In addition, we have added additional content. This includes information about the Enodo platform. Enodo is a great time series data analysis platform made for SiriDB.

Our services are now also more prominently present on the website. With these paid services, we want to create a transparent way to generate funds. This benefits SiriDB and keeps it open source as it is today.

Final thoughts

We hope you enjoy using the new website! Do you think there are still things that could be improved? Let us know by sending an email to