The launch of DutyCalls

22 May 2020 By Rob van den Boom

We can all remember a moment when someone was “paged” who was standing by for work. The possibilities to be paged are a lot more varied nowadays, however a watertight system is important. DutyCalls is a solution that responds well to the need to receive and process notifications in a simple but well thought-out manner and is above all very flexible.

What is DutyCalls? And how does it work?

DutyCalls is a cloud platform where notifications from various sources come together and are then processed automatically. A source can be, for example, an IT infrastructure monitoring system to which DutyCalls is linked, but also an administrator who manually sends a notification. A notification belongs to a “channel” for which one or more users are registered.

Users are only linked to channels from which they should receive notifications, so they are not flooded with irrelevant notifications. Once a notification has been picked up, it will no longer be visible to the remaining members of the channel. This prevents multiple people from picking up the same notification. In a kind of log it is possible to see the notifications and who has picked them up.

More information

Go to the DutyCalls website for more information about the product.