The launch of SiriDB

22 May 2018 By Jeroen van der Heijden

The world around data is growing. Fast. Data in an organization contains valuable information when collected correctly. How can we increase efficiency with this data? SiriDB creates insights into data based on time series / tick data.

Cesbit, a Dutch software startup, is presenting SiriDB to the public today. This time series database is created to analyze and aggregate time series data from any source, from IoT to financial transactions to any other time based data measurement. SiriDB is an open source database written in native C. SiriDB gives you a grip on endless time series and is optimized to grow with your insert and query needs. Time series data occurs when the same measurements are made on a regular basis. Time series are all around us because every measurement over time meets the term time series. Examples are temperature, precipitation, CPU usage, stock price and even sunspots.

What is a time series database?

As the name suggests, it has to do with time. Time series is a collection of data points collected, usually at set times. These data points can be used to analyze what happened in the past in order to predict the future, or to perform another analysis. These analyzes can help you find patterns, trends, cycles, deviations, variability, rate changes and much more. With this info, an organization becomes more efficient because it is possible to anticipate what is to come.


  • Robust - The SiriDB clustering mechanism provides the ability to update and maintain the database while remaining online.
  • Scalable - A unique pool mechanism can add pools on the fly when needed. When a pool is added, the database automatically distributes the data among the available pools, so that all capacities are optimally utilized.
  • Fast - SiriDB uses a special algorithm to be able to save the time series data without the use of bulky indexes. This algorithm allows our own query language to spread queries across all pools, greatly speeding up data retrieval.

SiriDB is available as open source under the MIT license, cluster functionality included. SiriDB gives you the opportunity to analyze data faster, whether an organization is in the financial, technical, healthcare or educational sector, it does not matter, data is everywhere and a lot can be gained from it.

Fact: In the time that you have read this message, your organization has received data points that SiriDB could have collected and analyzed, compared to previous data points and could then have them available again in no time through queries.

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