The launch of ThingsDB

29 Dec 2020 By Jeroen van der Heijden

ThingsDB, developed by our own specialists, is an object-oriented database with event-driven features that allows developers to store “things” in an intuitive way.


  • Programmable. The open source database ThingsDB aims to make storing data as intuitive as possible for developers. The language is similar to other well-known programming languages. An integrated grammar checker will help out when needed.
  • Reliability. Data can be stored at multiple nodes to ensure uptime. Every node is an exact duplicate of the other where consistency is assured. Backups can be scheduled to enable fast recovery when needed.
  • Event-Driven. ThingsDB enables an event-driven programming style by emitting and listening to events. A special "room" makes event-driven code easy to implement while still offering a lot of flexibility to the developer.

Getting started

You can try out ThingsDB easily by creating a “playground” on our specific website. Here you can also find more information about our product.

Advice and consultancy

We are happy to support you if you have any questions about the use of ThingsDB in relation to hosting, support or consultancy. We also support integration and custom development of add-ons for ThingsDB.