New location @ Sint Apolloniastraat 2d, Weert

04 Oct 2022 By Rik Lempens

We moved

When we started with Cesbit, we considered “the future of work”.

We brainstormed three options:

  1. Full remote,
  2. Hybrid,
  3. Traditional office.

Full remote seemed initially ideal and to be a modern solution which we were also used to due to the Corona pandemic. As we, however, strive to share knowledge among the team and follow a master/apprentice approach, we realized that we needed a space to meet physically regularly.

Traditional nine to five never really fit our needs as software developers are creative people and creativity takes its own pace.

So we went for a hybrid setup, which required an office space, so we thought of rooms to meet up and quiet workspaces. In practice, though, we would work jointly in one large area and only use the meeting room for our lunches. 😉

As our current office space was way too spacious, we started to look around for a more cozy office space that would fit the complete team but also feel at home when we were only with a few team members at the office.

We found a great new home in the “Klaver” shared office space in the Boshoven area.

Here we will continue to build great open-source software solutions.

If you are ever in the neighborhood, feel free to drop by for a cup of coffee.